Rail Bridge Dimensional Survey
This was one of our earlier projects that utilized the 3D Laser Scanner. Ensuring precise measurement of thousand bolts and steel structure made this project unique and challenging.
150-year-old Building Dimension Survey
Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall’s grand makeover began in 2011. The entire building façades were scanned with point cloud by 3D Laser Scanner before restoration work began.
Deep Vertical Shaft
Horizontal and Vertical Survey Datum transferring to the bottom of vertical shaft 50 meters deep required precise and strenuous methodology and equipment.
Tunnel Geometry Surveys
One of the many Tunnel Geometry Surveys we have done, the survey accuracy for the twice bounds at the Changi Airport Line was critical. It required very precise location of the tunnels as a geotechnical bore hole was drilled between the two bounds which was only 10 meters apart
Reservoirs Gangway Survey
11 of these gangways were located at 4 reservoirs across the Island. Because of the open space to the sky with no blocking with trees or building, we use GPS equipment to carry out the survey. This way, we were able to complete the topographical survey in faster pace with confident.
Keppel Bay Structural Dimension Survey
Part of the survey was carried out using long range reflectorless total station on land during low tide. The measurement of the column under the deck was carried out by Close-Range Photogrammetry method. This was one of the projects where a combination of survey methodologies was applied.
Membrane Bioreactor Plant
Full topographical survey of this water reclamation plant was carried out at Pioneer Road for the construction of the new membrane bioreactor plant. During the construction phase, many design alterations were made, we were still able to maintain the survey accuracy required throughout the project.
Topographical Survey for A&A Works
This was one of the topographical surveys carried out for the future A&A works.
New Project
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